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Introducing Inner Light Soap

soap-labelTwo years ago, Christine Hall’s anchor committee was mulling over how to raise the additional necessary funds for the Way of the Spirit program. As is the Quaker custom, the group went into silence to Listen to how Spirit might lead.  Suddenly, Jim Hall—Chris’ husband—enthusiastically exclaimed, “I’ve got it! I love to make soap. I can make soap to sell as a fund raiser.”

The idea felt clear and the first batch of Inner Light soap was distributed last Christmas season. It was a hit. The soap is wonderful—especially for dry skin. It is organic and good for you and the environment. It has a delightful scent. And it supports a wonder-filled spiritual formation program. Continue reading

New Year’s Blessings

Jan Wood, Director of Good News Associates

Jan Wood, Director of Good News Associates

Welcome to the unfolding adventure of 2016! As the Director of Good News Associates, I want to extend a special blessing to our Good News Associates community. You probably have no idea how grateful we are for each of you! You pray for us. You support us. You recommend us to others.  You are interested in what the Spirit is doing through us.  We know that we are accompanied by you.

Beginning a new year is such an interesting act of faith. We usually look forward to it with optimism believing that it holds new possibilities, new adventures and blessings. We do that even though we know that hard things may come, we raise the proverbial glass to toast what will be. Continue reading