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BYO”E” — Bring Your Own Experience

What makes Way of the Spirit so profound for participants? In part, it’s the approach I’ve tried to describe below. Is this for someone you know? 2019 retreat cycle begins February 15-18. Details: https://goodnewsassoc.org/spirit/

THE WAY OF THE SPIRIT APPROACH to retreats and spiritual growth is “experiential”. The specifics of one’s experience, character, activities, and sensibilities matter in the life of faith. Program participants bring who they are, as authentically as they are able, into each retreat, into reflection, and into dialogue with program content and each other. They also experience new spiritual practices, people, and ways of talking about their lives with God. This post offers questions or queries to help engage you (Yes, you!) experientially in reflection, right now. There are no right or wrong answers, only opportunities to notice and articulate what is real for you.

  • How do you experience the Holy?

Responses to the query above are unique to each of us. Hard to talk about though. The question is not about what you believe or think about God. “How do you experience the Holy?” points toward the whens, wheres, and hows. If you’ve never reflected this way about faith, try it. You could recall places or times that touch something of the sacred for you. You could appreciate your bodily responses to situations, your “cues” that something of the Divine may be moving in you, between you and others, or beyond you. Way of the Spirit builds attentiveness to subtle intuitions and sensibilities. It strengthens invisible spiritual muscles for all situations and tasks. 

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