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A Dog Playing Frisbee, Synchronicity, and Grace

WHAT TO MAKE OF AN ODD OVERLAPPING of circumstance? When these things happen (and they DO) I often wonder who I’ll tell. Who would believe me, or “get” the meaning I make of it all? A summer story is just too fun to keep quiet about.

Imagine me praying on a beach. Bright hot day. A friend and I are huddled against a drift log, in the shade of a giant green and white umbrella. Families, kids, and dog walkers are dotted across acres of open sand at low tide. The praying was meant to close our accompaniment time. She’d asked. I gulped inwardly, still not confident with saying out loud what’s going on with me and God. I aim to be authentic, and my verbal prayers are very free form. So, this time I’m winging it with whatever comes to mind from our time together. Continue reading