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New Year’s Blessings

Jan Wood, Director of Good News Associates

Jan Wood, Director of Good News Associates

Welcome to the unfolding adventure of 2016! As the Director of Good News Associates, I want to extend a special blessing to our Good News Associates community. You probably have no idea how grateful we are for each of you! You pray for us. You support us. You recommend us to others.  You are interested in what the Spirit is doing through us.  We know that we are accompanied by you.

Beginning a new year is such an interesting act of faith. We usually look forward to it with optimism believing that it holds new possibilities, new adventures and blessings. We do that even though we know that hard things may come, we raise the proverbial glass to toast what will be.

For those of in communities of faith, this lovely sentiment of trust is not misplaced. We do embark upon the “what next” with joy and anticipation. We do this, not because we think everything will be smooth and happy in our lives, but because God’s presence is as close as breath.  The transforming goodness of God continues to take whatever we face—the good, bad or indifferent—and transform it into something useful. We know that every moment we partner with this amazing goodness of God’s nature, we get to make a difference in this world. We know that we can step into 2016—a year that looks dark with wars, inhumanity, oppression, heaviness of heart—with trust, buoyancy and purpose.  We choose to say our holy “no’s” to spirit of fear that surrounds us.  We choose to seek faithfulness rather than safety. We choose to live this year as reflections of God’s goodness.

And in this goodness, may you be truly blessed in this New Year!